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Throughout the years, Europa Frugt has grown by overtaking competitors in the market. The company has grown and through hard work, John Olsen Holding Group developed into covering all sectors of the market.

John Olsen founded Europa Frugt in 1991, at an age of 25 years.

John had always known that he wanted to work in the fruit and vegetable Industry just like his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

After high school, John traveled to Munich and worked for a year at a German fruit company. When he returned to Denmark, he stayed at the fathers company for 5 years and afterwards founded his own company, Europa Frugt.

Europa Frugt ApS

Europa Frugt is a family driven company founded in 1991 and has existed on the Danish fruit and vegetables market since then. The company is therefore solidly grounded in the fruit and vegetables market – an Industry constantly under development.

Europa Frugt has developed into a large supplier of fruit and vegetables to all types of businesses, from the small greengrocer to large catering grocers and supermarket chains all over Scandinavia. The strong position in the market comes from the broad product catalog of fruit and vegetables from all over the world as well as the ability to be customer/supplier centric.
A targeted approach on finding the right suppliers with high standards on food-safety and quality gives us a high credibility and supplier safety.

Europa Blomst

Europa Blomst is a totalsupplier in all trade with flowers. Our location at Copenhagen Markets enables us to deliver our broad product range. On a daily basis do we receive fresh supplies directly from Danish suppliers. Combined with the daily contact and deliveries from the Netherlands we are secured being at the cutting edge of market developments as it is the global marketplace for trading with flora.
This is why we are able to offer everything in flowering and green potted plants for in- and outdoor use as well as cut flowers, bouquets and decorations.

O.J Kartofler

O.J. Kartofler is an old potato grocer that origins from the old Grønttorv in Valby.

The company were founded in 1928 by Oluf Johannes Jacobsen and later in history was bought by John Olsen Holding Dragør where the product range were increased with additional fruit and vegetable products.

Søren a son of the founder is a culture carrier who in prints the soul from the old days into the present company. Together with some of the Industries most quality conscious and service minded employees O.J. Kartofler offers top standard gourmet fruit and vegetables with lots of Danish produced products directly from the producer.

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