Europa Blomst


Europa Blomst is a total supplier in all trade with flowers. Our location at Copenhagen Markets enables us to deliver our broad product range. On a daily basis do we receive fresh supplies directly from Danish suppliers. Combined with the daily contact and deliveries from the Netherlands we are secured being at the cutting edge of market developments as it is the global marketplace for trading with flora.

This is why we are able to offer everything in flowering and green potted plants for in- and outdoor use as well as cut flowers, bouquets and decorations.

Our employees are a very dynamic and active team with many years’ experience in trading with flowers to supermarkets and florists.

Our market share is high at Sjælland with a strong representation in florists and supermarkets. We value the daily competition in the market as it keeps us sharp when we deliver a high customer service to our highly valued customers.


The most important elements for us as a supplier is that we daily can deliver a relevant product range, competitive prices and that quality, quantity and colors are aligned with the specific customers strategy.

Furthermore do we offer to manage flower departments in larger supermarkets. We have great experience in doing this successfully with a growing turnover and profit to the supermarket.


John Helmersen

CEO and sales

Tel : +45 77 31 51 85

Mobil: +45 23 41 22 03


Mark Helmersen

sourcing and sales


Mobil: +45 29 12 01 02

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